Who Are You? #SoAreWe

As we mark the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution, Who are you? #SoAreWe explores underrepresented narratives about identity, culture, and the challenges Iranian immigrants have faced, while also celebrating stories of renewal and resilience of those living in the diaspora.

"Forty Stories," the centerpiece of the campaign, is a series of interviews that weave together a rich tapestry of stories, reflections, and commentaries that inspire deeper connections, compassion and understanding of diaspora populations the world over.

40 Stories

In the forty years since the 1979 revolution, Iranian diaspora communities around the world have inspired countless examples of courage and creativity in the face of difficulty. They have also drawn on a spirit of renewal and reinvention in rooting themselves in new locations. Watch some of these poignant and inspiring accounts here.