Kimia Akbari

Graduate Fellow


Kimia Akbari grew up in Tehran, Iran before moving to the United States in her adolescence. In her undergraduate years at UC Davis, she double-majored in Psychology and Middle East & South Asia studies. Her Honors Thesis research is about 1.5 generation Iranian-American immigrants, cultural consumption and identity construction. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Other Collective, a student-run print and online media platform covering issues, arts, and personal narratives of Southwest Asian, North African, and South Asian communities. This Fall, Kimia will begin the M.A. Program in Ethnic Studies. She is thrilled to continue her work within the multi-disciplinary and emerging field of Iranian Diaspora Studies. Kimia is passionate about conducting research around the more recent wave of Iranian immigrants, in order to complement and build on the amazing scholarship already done on the diaspora community, and explore the complexity and complications of the Iranian community and their immigrant experience.