About the Center

The Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies is the first and only academic institution of its kind -- dedicated to research and teaching about the historical and cultural experiences of the global Iranian diaspora community.


The Center will prepare a new generation of policy makers, business leaders, artists and cultural ambassadors to effectively understand and engage with people of Iranian heritage

The Center will serve as a unique and valuable academic and cultural resource providing an innovative approach to the study of and research about Iranian diasporas and their impact on the Iranian identity.

The Center will also model new methods of research and knowledge distribution that emphasize:

  • exposure to students through public lectures;
  • the development of collaborative opportunities for faculty and students across San Francisco State’s colleges to engage in research, scholarship and service about Iranian Diaspora communities globally; and,
  • a platform for academic programs (lectures, film-screenings, music and other cultural events) that fosters intellectual engagement and conversation with local and international communities.